Wir waren heuer schon auf so vielen Hochzeiten und wunderbaren Orten in ganz Österreich und im August durften wir zum zweiten Mal eine internationale Hochzeit in Tirol fotografieren. Alexandra und David heirateten im Schloss Matzen  im Alpbachtal und feierten anschließend im Malerwinkel in Rattenberg.
Nachdem David aus England kommt und Alex und David auch in England leben, war die Hochzeitsgesellschaft ein bunter Mix aus verschiedenen Nationalitäten, die der Hochzeit einen einzigartigen und wunderschönen Touch gab. Aus diesem Grund gibt es diesen Blogeintrag auf Englisch. 🙂

We have already been able to be part of so many awesome weddings in Austria this year, and in August we came again to beautiful Tyrol to capture the international wedding of Alexandra an David. They married in the wonderful castle Schloss Matzen and afterwards had their party at Malerwinkel in Rattenberg.
David is from Great Britain (from wonderful Brighton) and Alex and David also live there. Thats why the weddings guests were a mix of different nationalities (which we always love! :-)) who made the wedding a unique and wonderful event. You are planning your wedding in Austria or Germany or Italy (or somewhere else in beautiful Europe)? – We would be happy to be your wedding photographers!

Both got ready for their big day directly at Schloss Matzen. It was the first time for us, that the getting-room of the groom was bigger then the one of the bride! 😉 For the getting-ready, both had their bridesmaids and groomsmen with them, which is always good not to be alone and have some fun during the getting ready.

David brought a wonderful tradition to Austria, that we think should be done at every wedding because its such a beautiful declaration of love: The bride as well as the groom get a present from each other at the wedding day and open it right before the ceremony during the getting-ready. For Alexandra, David did something very special. He wrote letters for her that she has to open for every important happening in their life. The wedding day, the first wedding anniversary, the first born,… 

At Alex‘ room, all girls seemed to get ready at the same time. And Alex in between all of them. 🙂 For some this may feel chaotic, but for me (Marie) this was sooo charming as many unique moments happened between the girls. 

And the little flower girl also came to her room, practising to throw the flowers and tasting some cupcake. 🙂 How cute is she!!!

Originally they planned to have their ceremony outside in the castle’s garden. But due to the weather the ceremony was moved to a lovely little chapel inside the castle. What a good and beautiful alternative!

It was raining a lot during their day, but there was a little time slot during which rain nearly stopped. We used this slot to take some group shots and for some portraits of the two lovebirds. The weather didn’t bothered us, especially in a castle we find a lot of places to shoot (arcades, doorways,…). 

For the evening the wedding party moved to Rattenberg and its beautiful and rewarded restaurant Malerwinkel.

More than it is in Austria, it is common in Britain to give speeches and bring toasts to special people. And the speeces were so funny, emotional, beautiful and touching. All of them. And David did his speech in English and German (for the amusement of all guests).